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Peanut Butter Espresso Recipe

In case you grew up consuming peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a child, you’ll respect the nutty kick you’ll get from this scrumptious recipe for peanut butter espresso. All you want is a few brewed espresso, milk, sweetener, and, after all, peanut butter. With such a easy base, there’s a number of enjoyable available with experimentation. Regardless of your style or dietary wants, there’s a variation for you. 

We’ll present you the way in our simple peanut butter espresso recipe.


  • 1 cup sizzling brewed espresso, or 2 pictures of espresso
  • ½ cup milk of alternative
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup, or sweetener of alternative
  • 1 tbsp pure peanut butter
  • A blender
  • Ice cubes (for the iced espresso model)
  • Whipped cream (non-obligatory)

Further Notes:

  • There are various other ways to make peanut butter flavored espresso. This recipe will concentrate on utilizing pure unsweetened peanut butter, however peanut butter chips or peanut butter syrup are viable options relying on private choice. Peanut butter syrup flavoring is ideal for making a DIY peanut butter latte or a peanut butter mocha.
  • For a night deal with, you’ll be able to put together this recipe utilizing decaffeinated espresso.
  • For a vegan peanut butter espresso, select a non-dairy milk, and test the components listed on the peanut butter rigorously. It’s not a vegan choice if it has honey, fish oil, or sugar made with bone char. Additionally, be vigilant about the place the peanut butter is produced, as some are made in amenities that additionally deal with animal merchandise (1).
  • The most effective milk to provide this drink a creamy texture is entire milk, however in the event you’re a vegan or lactose illiberal, non-dairy choices work properly. Soy milk, quinoa milk, rice milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and almond milk are all doable substitutes for conventional entire cow milk. Keep in mind that some sorts of milk have stronger tastes and should overpower the peanut butter in your espresso (2).
  • If you wish to make peanut butter espresso with out peanut butter (what a nutty thought!), then listed here are 10 different sorts of butter so that you can strive: granola, soy nut, coconut, sunflower seed, tahini, pecan, hazelnut, walnut, almond, and cashew butter (3).

How To Make Peanut Butter Espresso

This recipe will take you thru make peanut butter espresso in just a few easy steps. It’s sort of like placing butter in espresso however with a scrumptious nutty taste. In case you take pleasure in crafting specialty coffees at house, there are dozens of different scrumptious espresso drinks you’ll be able to strive.

Step 1: Brew Your Scorching Espresso

Put together 1 cup of sizzling espresso utilizing whichever brewing technique you favor. We suggest brewing a darkish roast in a French press or Moka pot for a robust espresso taste. Alternatively, you’ll be able to pull a double shot of espresso, giving a stronger and extra caffeinated drink. In case you select to make use of espresso, you’ll possible want so as to add extra of the opposite components to get the identical drink yield. Contemplate it extra of a peanut butter latte.

Professional Tip: It’s possible you’ll use 1 cup of chilly brew espresso right here as an alternative if you have already got it prepped prematurely. This recipe yields a chilly drink in the long run, so there isn’t a draw back to utilizing chilly brew. Some espresso drinkers desire it for its decrease acidity.

Step 2: Mix Your Espresso, Milk, Sweetener, And Peanut Butter

Mix your recent espresso, milk of alternative, maple syrup, and creamy peanut butter of alternative (so many decisions!) in a high-speed blender. Mix till very clean. Add extra milk as wanted to intensify flavors and attain an acceptable creamy espresso consistency.

For the sweetener, we predict maple syrup is among the greatest choices to pair with peanut butter, however you’ll be able to select another choice to fulfill your dietary necessities. Different scrumptious decisions embrace agave syrup or honey, or you should use a granulated sweetener like brown sugar, granulated white sugar,or coconut sugar. Sugar substitutes like Stevia will also be used, however it’s possible you’ll want to regulate portions.

Add 1 to 2 tbsp of chocolate chips, chocolate-flavored syrup, or cocoa powder to the blender for a chocolate peanut butter espresso. 

Professional Tip: We don’t suggest utilizing an electrical milk frother to mix the milk combination components. A milk frother isn’t designed to mix one thing as thick as peanut butter. So in the event you don’t have a blender, strive a meals processor as an alternative.

Step 3: Serve And Get pleasure from!

Pour your blended combination over a tall glass stuffed with ice cubes, and revel in your peanut butter iced espresso! Chill it in your fridge for a few hours in the event you’d like a fair colder iced model. You probably have a strong sufficient blender, you’ll be able to mix the ice with the peanut butter espresso to make a peanut butter frappuccino.

For a sizzling peanut butter espresso, skip the ice cubes and warmth your peanut butter combination within the microwave or over a small saucepan. Pour it into your favourite espresso mug and drink it sizzling. 

Professional Tip: A number of non-obligatory additions embrace topping your peanut butter espresso with whipped cream, including somewhat chocolate syrup, or ramping up the peanut taste with peanut butter chips or a peanut syrup drizzle.

Last Ideas

Including peanut butter to your common espresso drink could seem nutty, however one style will soften away your uncertainties. Served sizzling or chilly, the luscious texture of creamy peanut butter espresso will hold you coming again for extra. 

This tasty deal with makes use of easy components like brewed espresso, milk, sugar, and peanut butter to yield one thing greater than the sum of its components. Non-obligatory add-ons like chocolate syrup or whipped cream amp up the flavour and texture.


No, peanut butter doesn’t have caffeine. Peanut butter is especially fats with some protein and a little bit of carbohydrate. Pure peanut butter often accommodates solely peanuts, typically with salt. Extra processed peanut butter is full of components and fillers. Nevertheless, specialty caffeinated peanut butter does exist and is common with endurance athletes (4).

Sure, placing peanut butter in espresso is wholesome moderately. Peanut butter provides wholesome fat and protein to your morning brew. Peanut butter and low combine properly energy-wise, supplying you with the morning increase you’re searching for and conserving you satiated longer all through the day. 

Sure, you’ll be able to put peanut butter powder in espresso as an alternative of standard peanut butter. Powdered peanut butter is a wonderful powder that’s created by eradicating oils from roasted peanuts. It isn’t spreadable, nevertheless it varieties a paste when combined with water. The peanut taste stays, however the fats content material is drastically diminished, making this a wholesome choice for these apprehensive about their fats consumption. It even has twice the protein of peanut butter.

Sure, Starbucks has peanut butter espresso within the type of a Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino, nevertheless it’s secret! To order this unlisted merchandise, ask for a Mocha Frappuccino with just a few pumps of Toffee Nut flavored syrup. Ask for sweetened soy milk so as to add extra taste, and request a whipped cream topping with a touch of mocha drizzle (5).

For extra espresso recipes to make at house or to order at Starbucks, take a look at Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream Chilly Brew and Chestnut Praline Latte.

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