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Uncover Kagoshima, Japan’s 2nd Largest Tea-producing Area

When does the primary flush tea harvest start?

Kagoshima, positioned within the southern a part of Japan, has a heat local weather and is a pioneer in tea manufacturing nationwide. Whereas the primary flush harvest in Japan’s largest tea-producing area, Shizuoka, begins round mid-April, many areas in Kagoshima begin the harvest round early April. Within the distant islands of Kagoshima, resembling Tokunoshima and Tanegashima positioned additional south of the mainland, the harvest begins in late March.

What are the traits of the flavour of Kagoshima tea?

Kagoshima has many tea farms positioned on flat land with out excessive mountains like Shizuoka and different prefectures. Consequently, the tea leaves obtain loads of robust daylight in southern areas after which grow to be shiny with a deep inexperienced coloration. 

Earlier than harvesting, the tea leaves are coated with black supplies in lots of farms to advertise a rise within the umami – amino acid part. This ends in a taste that’s wealthy and full-bodied with a harmonious stability of sweetness and astringency.

Alternatively, Kirishima is an exception, which is without doubt one of the few mountainous areas in Kagoshima, the tea has a pure aroma and refreshing style that’s attribute of the world.

A Vast number of tea cultivars develop in Kagoshima

You will have heard of “Yabukita,” a well-liked tea cultivar that’s the most generally grown in Japan as a consequence of its quick development and resistance to illness and chilly climate. The truth is, Yabukita accounts for 75% of all tea cultivation in Japan. Alternatively, in Kagoshima, numerous cultivars are grown, together with Yutaka Midori, Saemidori, Okumidori, Kanayamidori, and plenty of others. Every cultivar has its personal distinctive taste, aroma, and coloration, and the cultivation strategies additionally contribute to the person traits of every tea farm.



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